Together, the brake pads, brake calipers, and brake drums in your FIAT car work to bring your vehicle to a complete stop in seconds. If any one of these important parts is corroded or worn down, the braking efficiency of your car is directly compromised. Whether using your car to commute around town or for longer road trips, keeping an eye on brake pad thickness and the health of your brake shoes and brake drums is always a good idea. Already hear a grinding sound or experiencing reduced braking power while trying to come to a stop? You're most likely overdue for a brake inspection and brake pad replacement. For quality FIAT brake service in Weslaco, Texas, we have the certified FIAT mechanics and FIAT genuine brake parts you're looking for here at Payne FIAT of The Rio Grande Valley.

In addition to routine brake inspections, which help determine pad thickness and whether or not your brake drums or brake pads are ready to be replaced, our Weslaco, TX service center also offers a full FIAT maintenance menu and certified FIAT mechanics to tend to all your FIAT repairs. Customer service driven and committed to giving you the best FIAT service using only genuine FIAT parts, Payne FIAT of The Rio Grande Valley is the place to go. As a trusted FIAT dealer, with us you'll get the friendly service you deserve and the kind of premium brake inspections you want. Never anything less.

Thanks to our Express Lane service in Weslaco, TX, it's never a hassle to take care of important FIAT maintenance on the fly, including brake inspections, oil changes, tire rotations, fluid checks, chassis lubes, and much more. Whether you're looking for FIAT brake parts from our parts department, or want to set up a quick brake inspection, brake shoe replacement, or other FIAT service, give Payne FIAT of The Rio Grande Valley a call or schedule auto service with us online now.

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